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Salle Opticians strives to be on the cutting edge of lens technology.  To this end, in 2009, we began using the latest digitally manufactured progressive lenses as our standard.  This insures the best possible accuracy and clarity in each pair of lenses.  In addition, we have the ability to customize progressive lens design using the Zeiss Individual.  When fit with the i.Terminal, we can combine advanced fitting and measurement precision with enhanced patient consultation to optimize spectacle performance.

Today’s technologies allow patients to experience the most cosmetically appealing and visually superior lenses ever. Newer materials such as the high-index 1.74 drastically reduces thickness on higher prescriptions. This allows you more options in frame choice as well as reducing the thickness of the lens.

We have the ability to digitally manufacture lenses that give you the sharpest, clearest vision possible and we can fully customize them for your frame and prescription. It’s like watching TV in high-definition.

Lenses that change into sunglasses when you go outside are still a good option if you are outdoors a lot. They change into a darker lens in less time than ever before. Polarized lenses used to be very expensive and are now more competitive with other lenses. If you fish or are around water you will love the glare reducing effect and the clarity in the sunlight.



Zeiss.jpgCarl ZEISS vision is the industry leader in lens technology. Their lens designs are used for the Hubble telescope, medical equipment that require precision optics, hunting scopes and a vast array of sporting optics where clarity and purity of vision is paramount.

For over 160 years ZEISS has been the world’s leading brand in precision optics and were on the forefront of 3-D technology in eyeglass lenses, making huge leaps in providing patients with sharp, clear vision and eliminating distortion to the fullest. Progressive lenses are always a challenge but when expertly fit and using the latest lens design it really does become a smoother path into presbyopia.

ZEISS lenses are available in all materials from regular plastic to 1.74, the thinnest lens available. These lenses are made in Germany to exacting standards and are truly a work of art, producing the thinnest most cosmetically appealing lens on the market combined with precision optics for exceptional visual clarity.

ZEISS lenses offer all specialty options such as polarization for unequalled sun protection and light filtration and the new Photofusion lenses which allow facilitate your clear lenses turning into sunglasses faster and darker than ever before. Of course they also manufacture an array of Anti-reflective coatings to apply to their lenses which provide the sharpest visual acuity available and is a must for improving night vision.

Atlanta Optometrist Salle Opticians is a certified Optometrist specializing in Optics, Cataracts, Glaucoma, eyecare, lasik and much more in Atlanta, GA. We also do Home, Frames, Lenses, Reading Glasses, Contact Lenses, Sunglasses, Progressive (no-line) Lenses and all work related in the 30342 area and surrounding areas in Atlanta