Specific Purpose Lenses

Modern technology has seen incredible advances in lens design for all types of prescription requirements. Not only can we make lenses for general everyday use but we can now satisfy specific visual needs with lenses that are tailored to your exact requirements for work, sport or many other activities.

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Computer Lenses

Today we can custom design lenses that eliminate the need to raise your chin up to see the computer or lower your head to peek over the top of your reading glasses.

Computer lenses allow you to see clearly for specific distances. For example, if focusing on a computer screen and its near surroundings is your top priority we can design a lens that gives you clear viewing up to 5 feet and allows easier and wider viewing of your computer screen than a traditional progressive lens.

If you need to see a little further afield but still prioritize your computer viewing we can design the lens to give you up to 10 feet of clear viewing, perfect for the board room table, computer and reading. All avoiding the old fashioned neck bending to see clearly.

Whatever your work priority we can design a lens to accommodate it.


Golf lenses

Unlike standard progressive lenses, our Golf design lens is specifically tailored to meet the needs of golfers to maximize their viewing: the scorecard in their hand, the ball at their feet and the green in the distance.

Shamir Golf is the first progressive lens designed with a stable mid-range zone to ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly.

THE SECRET IS IN THE HIPS? Well, for your lenses, the secret is in the peripheral vision. A golfer’s peripheral vision is extremely important when they are lining up to take a swing, being able to focus on the ball at their feet and at the same time see where they want the ball to go in the distance. This is using the peripheral zone and it needs to be crystal clear.


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Pilot Lenses

Pilots face a unique set of challenges. Glare being a huge factor. Unfortunately the best lenses for reducing glare are polarized and they cannot be worn in the cockpit because pilots need to be able to read instruments that are not clear through polarized lenses.

Today we have Melanin infused lenses. Melanin, just as it protects the skin from damage from UV also protects your eyes. TAVAT Eyewear has pioneered this lens design offering a series of lenses that are infused with a synthetic Melanin that improve clarity and enhance contrast without any color distortion. 

Tavat Eyewear also offers frames that have specially designed temples that comfortably fit under headsets.