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Salle Opticians

Salle Opticians located in Phipp's Plaza has been serving the Metro Atlanta area for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on being a high-fashion boutique offering the latest styles and the finest service possible. Our team travels the world to locate the most unique lines of eyewear.

Salle Opticians strives to be on the cutting edge of lens technology.  To this end, in 2009, we began using the latest digitally manufactured progressive lenses as our standard.  This insures the best possible accuracy and clarity in each pair of lenses.  In addition, we have the ability to customize progressive lens design using the Zeiss Individual.  When fit with the i.Terminal, we can combine advanced fitting and measurement precision with enhanced patient consultation to optimize spectacle performance.

Today’s technologies allow patients to experience the most cosmetically appealing and visually superior lenses ever. Newer materials such as the high-index 1.74 drastically reduces thickness on higher prescriptions. This allows you more options in frame choice as well as reducing the thickness of the lens.

We have the ability to digitally manufacture lenses that give you the sharpest, clearest vision possible and we can fully customize them for your frame and prescription. It’s like watching TV in high-definition.

Lenses that change into sunglasses when you go outside are still a good option if you are outdoors a lot. They change into a darker lens in less time than ever before. Polarized lenses used to be very expensive and are now more competitive with other lenses. If you fish or are around water you will love the glare reducing effect and the clarity in the sunlight.


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We pride ourselves in the collection of eyewear that we carry. Salle Opticians remains at the forefront of luxury eyewear brands specializing in but not limited to:

Uber Luxury lines such as:

And High Fashion Independent lines such as:



While our emphasis is on fashion, our dedication is to the complete eye care of our patients. We have an Optometrist, Dr. Zaunbrecher, who specializes in difficult prescriptions and contact lens fitting. Our Opticians are all experts in their field, combining over 40 years of optical experience and our attention to detail shows. We offer fully customized eyeglasses that not only make you look great but help you see well too.


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