Your vision is unlike anyone else’s. Your prescription, the frames you choose and even the way your eyewear is positioned on your face affect how well your lenses perform for you.

We have access to a vast portfolio of lens designs which enables us to address any visual issues. All lenses are cut to order in our in house lab, ensuring the best quality and accuracy we can.

One of the top lens designs for progressive lenses is manufactured by a company called Shamir. The Autograph III provides a wider field of vision and clarity through the entire corridor, this means you no longer have to hunt for the “sweet spot” to be able to read.

We have lenses that address higher prescriptions that not only offer thinner cosmetics but superior vision as well. The Autograph III Single Vision lens offers clearer peripheral vision and specifically addresses distortion from higher amounts of astigmatism.

What ever your visual issues are, today we have a lens that corrects it beautifully. Whether you need a lens to give you better computer vision or just to improve your golf game, we have a lens for you!